Chemistry Laboratory Testing Services

The Professor John Kola Chemistry Laboratory is a national chemical testing laboratory,
accredited under the PNG Laboratory Accreditation Scheme. It is an ISO/IEC 17025
registered laboratory and offers a wide range of chemical (trace and heavy metals), physiochemical parameters (ions and anions) and bacteriological (anaerobic coliform).

The laboratory has state of the art equipment, including Inductive Coupled Plasma Optical
Emission Spectroscopy, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, Graphite Furnace Tube
Analyser, ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, UV Spectrophotometer, Bomb
Calorimeter, and bench top DO/pH/EC meter allowing quality analytical and diagnostic
services covering:

• soil fertility tests,
• plant leaf nutritional analysis,
• water testing on chemical, physiochemical and bacteriological
qualities/pollutants from different
ground water and saline water bodies
including environmental samples, and
• proximate analysis in natural products
(stock feeds and food) to determine
their chemical composition.

The Laboratory has a total of 17 staff consisting of nine technical and eight support staff. The laboratory received 1,553 samples and conducted 9,161 tests for 321 clients.