Healthy and sustainable diets

Contributing to the enhanced consumption of healthy and sustainable diets by rural and urban households PNG is facing a severe nutritional crisis with a triple burden of malnutrition, i.e. under nutrition, micro-nutrient deficiencies, and overweight/obesity. The threat of a lost generation that is impaired in contributing gainfully to economic and social development and to sustain their own livelihoods is a major threat to the nations future. Changes are required in all aspects of food and nutritional security, i.e. availability, access and use of nutrient dense food at all times including food safety considering the prevalence and impact of food borne diseases, malnutrition and mortality of children. There are important linkages between agriculture and nutrition, and AR4D has a major role to play in with nutrition-specific interventions to the multi-sector approach of the Government. The major areas of intervention include enhancing the availability of nutrient dense crops and crop varieties by strengthening seed systems and diversifying production systems, increase of livestock production and consumption in both rural as well as urban setting, and increasing the awareness, education and changing attitudes, habits and perceptions of rural and urban dwellers towards food, diets, preparation and consumption of food.

Targeted Results

  • Increased availability of and access to diverse nutrient-rich and safe foods;
  • Partnerships operating to promote implementation of agriculture for nutrition and health strategies for agri-food value chain/food system innovations and interventions at scale;
  • Evidence-based nutrition-sensitive policies are designed accompanied by effective implementation strategies;
  • Consumers (rural and urban) and producers have capacity to make more informed food choices among healthier and safe foods that meet their needs and preferences