Delivery at scale

NARI’s strategy in delivery is directed towards outcomes and impacts at scale. While technical research outputs provide technology and management solutions, achieving downstream impacts with sustainable development outcomes from these is still a challenge. While some farmers will simply adopt an introduced technology as it is, targeting sustainable development outcomes requires innovative processes in which NARI will actively pursue the formation of strategic partnerships and networking with other actors in the sector and related sectors. This will promote effective learning, adoption, and integration required to scale the outcomes of research into socially inclusive, climate resilient, and economically conducive livelihood benefits for the wider and environmentally, agriculturally, and socially diverse communities throughout PNG.

Delivery pathway of AR4D system and development outcomes at scale.

A major part of scaling is the consideration of the policy environment and institutional arrangement supporting the sector and the inclusion of needs and aspirations of men, women, youth and otherwise disadvantaged groups including those suffering from HIV/AIDs, in the design and delivery of AR4D activities. This is in line with one of the pillars of the SDGs that emphasises that “no one is left behind” and is to address the wide gaps in equity and equality in terms of wealth, access to education, health and economic and social advancement. Policy gaps need to be addressed with compilation of required information and inclusion of mechanisms that ensure that an effective dialogue happens between policy makers and stakeholders.