Information and Knowledge Services

Children at Kumbori lending their support to by way of holding up posters for awareness campaign.

The institute continues to support the sector at large with various information on agricultural research, innovative practices and technologies as well as documenting traditional and adaptive knowledge to stimulate discussion and further research and development.

Various formats are used to package information targeting the diverse stakeholders in the sector but focusing on smallholder farmers. The NARI Nius was produced quarterly as light informative reading for our multi stakeholders.

In this reporting period, the newsletter underwent minor changes in formatting for ease of reading electronic formats. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Agricultural Innovation Show and annual provincials shows were not held.

However, NARI publications were still displayed and distributed whenever possible. Information was also made available to staff on project activities to display to farmers during their meetings. We continue to maintain an effective networking with the mainstream media to create increased awareness on NARI AR4D activities. Articles are published with the two daily newspapers (Post Courier and the National), radio, NBC and EMTV.