Team completes pretesting of weather information

The pretesting of the Seasonal Farm Advisory under the ACIAR supported Climate Smart Agriculture has concluded in Eastern Highlands, one of the three project sites. The other sites are East New Britain and Morobe.

The Seasonal Farm Advisory is a document that contains monthly climate-related information on drought and best management practices for the lowlands and mid-altitude. This information was pretested with sector agencies, including the Eastern Highlands Provincial DAL, CIC, and Fresh Produce Development Agency.

As part of the project’s activity plan, the pretesting of the SFA ended in late November. Other information products under the project that are being developed include fact sheets and farmer videos on the use of local knowledge and improved farm management practices.

This collaboration in the project involves NARI and the University of Goroka’s Centre for Social and Creative Media through the support of ACIAR and other project partners to find meaningful ways to improve the resilience of communities in agricultural food production.

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