University of Goroka students complete industrial training

Eight students from the University of Goroka completed six weeks of industrial training focused on crops and livestock with the Momase Regional Centre in Lae, Morobe province.

Their industrial training looked at identifying pests and diseases on crops such as sweetpotato, banana, and corn, use of farm machinery such as power tiller, cultivator, conducting seed germination tests using rice seed, weighing ducks, pigs, goats, introduction to poultry hatchery, basic husbandry practices involved in raising inland fish, culling of sheep and goats, producing useful compost with goat and sheep manure.

The students expressed that they had learned a lot through practical sessions with staff at the Momase Regional Centre and look forward to making their final presentations at the end of their six weeks of industrial training.

The students did presentations on what they have learned and experienced working under crops and livestock with technical officers from the MRC. The eight students are doing their third year studies in Agriculture Extension at the University of Goroka.

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