Research must take a leading role: Dr Simbiken

Research plays a very pivotal role in the development of the agriculture sector in Papua New Guinea. NARI Director General Dr Nelson Simbiken challenged staff during his welcome to have a new insight and progress with changes within the agriculture sector.

Dr. Simbiken says for far too long research has not been very visible within the agriculture space and needs to have a central coordination. “We need to bridge that gap. Research must take the leading role in development. You need to build on the strength, advantages and a lot of effort that you have put in,” expressed Dr. Simbiken.

NARI has done some research with some commercial value like galip which is now on the shelf for food security. Dr. Simbiken says that we need to feed Papua New Guinea and that is the gap we need to bridge through research. Our research needs to take a leading role to ensure it leads to more production of PNG-made products.

Apart from the ongoing research, Dr. Simbiken said staff should be awarded for their efforts. Dr. Simbiken also acknowledged and thanked the senior management, staff for their support and outgoing Acting Director General Warea Orapa for his leadership during his tenure.

Principal Accountant/Internal Auditor John Wamine was also farewelled after 10 years of service.