Agriculture sector agencies urged to deliver on govt plan

Government agencies and departments are urged to deliver on the national government’s plan through agricultural commercialisation and livestock development. Agriculture Department Secretary Dr Sergie Bang made this challenge at the 12th NARI Agricultural Innovations Show, saying key players within the sector will be called through stakeholder consultations to plan and see how they can deliver on their part to fulfill the National Agricultural Strategic Plan (NASP 2024-2033).

Dr Bang says the government has committed K3.4 billion to ensure its plan is delivered. NARI Council Chairman Nimo Kama acknowledges the support of the national government and urged everyone to learn and interact with NARI to fulfill development aspirations of the government.

NARI Director General Dr Nelson Simbiken thanked and acknowledges the support from agencies within the private and public sector and welcoming Dr Sergie Bang as the Agriculture Secretary. In commemorating NARI’s 12th AIS and 25th anniversary, Dr Simbiken valued research contributions by the scientific staff, both past and present, saying quality of innovations and richness of participation in the show is growing every year.

Dr Simbiken says there is a changing need in innovative agriculture, technology, and quality seeds to realize commercial agriculture in the rural economy, which is aligned to NARI’s Strategic Results Framework 2022-2026, an approach that is perfectly aligned to the Medium-Term Development Plan 4 and NASP (2024-2033) to formalize market-driven production.

NARI is focused on engaging people and values the support of its staff and relevant stakeholders to ensure everyone has access to nutritious and health diets. Morobe Governor Luther Wenge, in his keynote address, affirmed the provincial government’s support to NARI through the construction of an information center and a tissue culture laboratory to conserve plant genetic resources.

Staff of Muruk Tropical Produce Limited displaying a sample of the
frozen taro.

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