Traditional knowledge still useful in farming

Being able to learn about indigenous knowledge from East New Britain, Morobe, and Eastern Highlands is the highlight of the video production team from Goroka University’s Centre for Social and Creative Media and NARI.

CSCM’s Officer Dianne Singut says developing videos is part of the Climate Smart Agriculture project objective, which tries to find the value of indigenous farming and hope it can be incorporated as a useful information tool for sustainable farming in PNG.

Ms. Singut says working with the farmers in East New Britain and Morobe enabled them to learn how farmers are able to cope with challenges brought by climate by creating their own traditional solutions.

Farmers who were interviewed say introduced or improved practices are adapted for a short period of time before they resort to their traditional farming practices. The team will also interview farmers in Eastern Highlands. The video production activity is supported through ACIAR’s Climate Smart Agriculture Project including NARI, CSCM, and other partners.