Farmer group driving project activities at Pobuma

Project activities at the Pobuma LLG are now being led by a recently established farmer group. The group, Pobuma NARI Farmers Association, endorsed recently by the Pobuma LLG is taking the lead in rolling out project activities to the 9 Wards. Led by association Chairman, Philemon Samol, the association is actively engaged in conducting awareness and distribution of planting materials to members and interested farmers in the LLG area. Mr Samol, who is also a model farmer, is supported association Secretary, Sosongan Cholai; Treasurer, Delca Nelson; and Deputy Chairwomen, Rachael Sarapu. They have been appointed in the interim and the indication was that their appointment would be formalised and would be tasked to take charge of the project implementation by the LLG once the association is formally registered to the IPA. The officials are all lead farmers and a fairly balance team.

Additional planting materials weighing some 219 kilograms were delivered to the site during October and were distributed with the assistance of the association to selected models farmers to all Wards: M’Buke, Bundrahii, Likum, Buchuou, Temonai, Korojeh, Peli Patu, Jekal and Peli Powai. The planting materials included improved varieties of: Taro, sweetpotato, and cassava. African yam and various bean varieties were also distributed.

In the interim, Mr Samol has been task to take care of the multiplication garden on site as the one established previously has failed.

Mr Samol and Cholai who are respected model farmers in LLG also assisted with data collection of the indigenous knowledge documentation study conducted during October. Mr Samol is also the LLG boat operator and Mr Cholai is a retired engineer by profession.

With the unavailability of LLG officials on site, the association is doing a good job for the time being until such time when their engagement with project is formalised.

Planting materials distribution at Peli Powai, Pobuma.

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