Students thankful for the learning experience

For University of Natural Resources Oro Campus third-year agriculture students Silister Kuniata and Kurttley Niali, the past three months of serving as industrial trainees have been an enriching journey of learning and growth. Immersed in real-world agricultural settings, they have gained invaluable insights and practical skills that will shape their academic and professional journey.

Ms. Kuniata’s attachment with the livestock team proved to be a transformative experience, where she delved into the nutritional benefits of utilizing the black soldier fly as an alternative feed ingredient for tilapia and carp fish. Her hands-on involvement in research and experimentation provided her with a deep understanding of sustainable feeding practices in aquaculture.

On the other hand, Mr. Niali’s stint in the laboratory allowed him to contribute to vital research efforts aimed at combating the black sigatoka disease, a major threat to banana cultivation. Working closely with laboratory officers, he focused on identifying the most effective media for enhancing the growth rate of the fungus responsible for the disease. His contributions are poised to advance strategies for disease management and improve banana yield and quality.

Following their intensive training period, both students presented their findings and insights to staff members at the Momase Regional Centre (MRC). Their presentations were met with commendation and constructive feedback, underscoring the collaborative and supportive environment fostered by the institution.

Expressing their heartfelt appreciation, Ms. Kuniata and Mr. Niali extended their gratitude to the MRC staff for their unwavering guidance and encouragement throughout the duration of their industrial training. The technical expertise and mentorship provided by the staff significantly contributed to their professional development and enhanced their understanding of agricultural practices and research methodologies.

As they prepare to transition back to their academic pursuits and complete their fourth year of study, NARI extends its best wishes to Ms. Kuniata and Mr. Niali. Their dedication, passion, and newfound expertise serve as inspiring examples of the potential for collaboration between academia and research institutions to nurture the next generation of agricultural leaders. With their newfound knowledge and skills, they are poised to make meaningful contributions to the agricultural sector and drive positive change within their communities.

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