Galip is providing a good family income

Image Caption: Staff of Frangipani Foods Limited.

As part of the sustaining the galip industry, a local company based in East New Britain is buying fresh galip and supplying it to the processing facility at Kerevat.

This young and thriving industry was launched in 2018 in Kokopo with three packaged products; Natural, Peeled and Roasted. There is also growing interest in galip oil.

Fresh galip nuts are being bought by Frangipani Foods Limited at a rate of K1.50 while organised transport to collect fresh galip or nut in pulp from farmers is buying at K1.50 per kilogram.

Farmers are encouraged to sell fresh galip at no more than 3 days after harvest. Nut in pulp refers to fresh layer of skin around the galip shell.

This success story stems from over 20 years of development and commercilisation of galip by a team of researchers from NARI, University of Sunshine Coast, University of Adelaide, and supported by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

One of the project’s key focus is sustaining the galip industry through the private sector.

Under a review meet in June, there are critical issues that have been identified and include; harvesting and collection systems by farmers, inefficiency of nut-in-pulp buying at factory, lack of private sector commitment into galip business and better understanding of the galip weevil. 

Phase two will focus on generating income for women to strengthen the galip industry.

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