Local in Menyamya is processing and consuming cassava flour

Shem Noah is a local farmer from Amy Village in the Kome local level government area of Menyamya district. Mr Noah was learnt food processing skills through the European Union supported Climate Change Resilience project recently.

He is pleased that the skills he learnt have enabled him to process cassava into other food products for his family to eat and sell for income.

Mr Noah met with the project team and provided a sample of cassava product from skills and knowledge he acquired during the food processing training.

He said his family is enjoying flour made from cassava and thanked NARI and the European Union in conducting the life-changing training.

“We normally peel and boil cassava and rarely eat baked cassava. It even tastes good and my family really enjoys eating it” Mr Shem expressed. Shem’s wife makes cassava rolls for breakfast and sells surplus for extra income.

Miriam Simin, Research Associate Food Processing is thankful that farmers like Shem is able to see positive benefits from the food processing skills he has gained from the training.

The European Union supported Climate Change Resilience project is aimed at increasing resilience of communities who are vulnerable to negative effects of climate change as drought through processing of staples as cassava, taro, banana and sweetpotato.

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