Focus on research interventions through team work

Getting our plans and framework right in line with our goal and strategic objective is a tough job, however, much can be achieved through team work and networking closely with our partners. 

We need to have in place a plan that is measurable, results-oriented and sits well with all our partners. 

These were the key words from NARI acting Director General, Warea Orapa, when welcoming representatives from key partner agencies and senior NARI staff from across all regional centres to the recent NARI program planning and prioritisation workshop. 

The 8-day workshop held at NARI Headquarters was aimed at raising awareness and an understanding of the program objectives and priority areas that have been captured in the new NARI Strategy and Results Framework. 

The workshop also provided an avenue to establish a consensus with participants on NARI’s priority research over the next five years. 

“While our Strategy and Results Framework provides a clear platform and pathway on the direction we wish to take, we realise that we cannot do it alone. It is with this intention we call on you our stakeholders to help us prioritise the interventions that we have identified to deliver on in the next five years. While you are here, we would like you to be aware and understand our medium-term objectives, their scope and likely outputs, and resources required to achieve them from the start”, Mr Orapa said. 

The acting Director General also expressed his appreciation and commended the efforts of the NARI team that has been instrumental in putting together, over last three months, the next ten year plan. “I am confident that when we have this plan finalised and in place, it will be our roadmap to help guide us to implement the programs and interventions that you will help us prioritise during this workshop”, Mr Orapa added. 

The participants were tasked to prioritise 15 interventions that NARI has identified and captured in its Strategy and Results Framework (2021 – 2030), including identifying areas of improvement to existing technical services and facilities. 

With input from stakeholders, the NARI planning team hopes to have the medium-term plan ready and in place for implementation later this year.

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