COVID-19 awareness for NARI staff

Two health officials from the Wampar Health Centre in Huon District conducted awareness on COVID-19 to NARI staff as part of the efforts to contain this global pandemic. 

The team comprising of Sr Glenda Paru and Community Health Worker Janet Biap spent two hours to clarify misinformation on COVID-19. 

Awareness was centred around how the vaccine works in the human body, adhering to health protocols of wearing face masks, hand washing and social distancing, update on statistics of COVID-19 , and a testimony by an individual man who has been fully vaccinated. 

Ms Bipa explained that the Alpha version of COVID-19 had evolved into a much stronger variant and spreads faster and affects the immune system. She expressed that vaccination was the only defense mechanism to minimise Delta Covid-19 which is the new deadly strand of the virus. 

The vaccination has been rolled out across the country. The Delta version of COVID-19 symptoms are running nose, headache and sore throat. Staff was encouraged to get vaccinated while over 370 people have been vaccinated in Huon district. 

To minimise spread of the deadly virus, the national government has also imposed travel restrictions as a control measure and procured machines which can detect the difference between Alpha and Delta versions of COVID-19.

Community health worker Janet Biap conducting awareness at NARI 10-Mile Bubia

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