Multiplication plots set up in Rigo

Crop multiplication plots established at Kalo, Kamali and Gamoga villages will be the centre point of multiplying crop varieties in bulk and distributing it to communities along the Rigo Coast.
A team from NARI’s Southern Regional Centre led by Gena Kawali, Bruce Joe and Gabriel Ure recently established demonstration plots at the sites.
The team also conducted basic training on surface cleaning of planting materials, rapid multiplication techniques on African yam, banana, taro and identifying under-ground water sources.

Over 10, 000 planting materials of various crops including four varieties of sweetpotato; two varieties of taro, four varieties of cassava, African yam, wing bean, night shade, and aibika were distributed to the community.
The team also set up an irrigation system to meet water requirements for seed multiplication plots. To support the irrigation system, a well will be set up at Kamali.
Water harvesting and small livestock activities are planned for October.

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