Rice farmer reaping benefits from rice farming

A former teacher turned farmer wants to package her home grown rice and sell it.

This ambition to make domestic rice production a reality, is what Eileen Daniels, from Atupan village of Markham aims to achieve.

She has managed to grow, mill and sell rice in her own village but wants to take this ambition to another level. Miss Daniels has a designed label  of the rice packet which comprises of a clay pot, traditional patterns with the brand name; Trupla Rice.

She has linked up with farmers whom she taught to cultivate rice to sell paddy rice to her.

The business is registered with the Investment Promotion Authority as a small to medium enterprise.  

Ms Daniel’s passion, commitment and perseverance is an inspiration for women farmers to create a positive change in their community.

 Her success is attributed to the solar rice mill pilot project in Morobe, a PNG-Australian government partnership through Incentive Fund program.

As a beneficiary, Ms Daniels is milling rice using the solar mills and sells it in her community and a school in Lae.

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