Teptep farmers buy mini mills to process wheat

Growing of wheat in Teptep, Yus local level government area of Rai Coast district in Madang is being embraced by farmers in the area.

After wheat seeds were distributed through the Lutheran parish members, who bulked up seeds and distributed to other community members. Some farmers have made a third harvest of wheat and are continuing.

Following a recent trip to Teptep by staff engaged under the European Union funded Climate Change Resilience (EUCCR) project, they have seen that wheat is widely grown and overwhelmingly welcomed as an intervention to-wards drought preparedness and food security.

Locals in the area have gone a step further and taken ownership of wheat, farming by raising enough money to procure hand mills from Lae to process wheat into flour.

This positive outcome stems from a continued engagement by NARI and locals of Teptep through the EUCCR project.

The project aims to aid vulnerable communities build resilience towards future disasters such as drought.

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