Students complete industrial training

Albert Aume and Enoch Siria are 3rd year agriculture students from the University of Natural Resources and Environment who spent two months doing their industrial training with NARI. They are pleased that they have gained practical skills and knowledge from the staff at NARI.

Their training which began in December, 2020 is the university’s requirement for students to complete their academic studies. They are pleased that they were able to realise much of the theory through practical sessions with NARI officers who were very helpful.

Enoch Siria said he was not confident but with the help of NARI staff he was able to complete his training successfully. Albert Aume explained that they have gained so much skills and knowledge throughout their industrial, and thanked NARI staff at Bubia for being helpful.

Mr Aume learnt about tissue culture, data analyzing and setting up a trial for a field experiment on open pollinated corn. Mr Siria worked on tissue culture for kalapua, a staple banana in the Markham area which was infested by a bacterial wilt. Senior Scientist Plant Pathology Gou Rauka was happy with the students’ performance especially in taking up additional tasks. Before they returned to complete their academic studies, they did a final presentation of their work to staff at the Momase Regional Centre on 11 February.

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