Visitors impressed with galip nut processing facility

The Islands Regional Centre in Kerevat, East New Britain received two visiting groups recently.

On 22 July, a group of women from the Mama Loose Fruit Scheme of the Hoskins Smallholder project based in Kimbe were the first group to visit the centre.

The women were keen to learn about how galip is being processed. The timing of their visit was great as they arrived at the time when the galip season is on, and staff at the centre was preparing to buy the nut in pulp from farmers.

Galip nut in pulp is bought at K1.50 per kilogram. The nuts are processed and packaged at the facility at Kerevat and shipped to Port Moresby to meet its order from City Pharmacy Ltd, NARI’s major retailer for the galip products.

The group is part of oil palm growers representing certain areas in West New Britain with an interest in improving family livelihood. They found a keen interest mainly on galip development work. The group’s ongoing activity is a chicken project.

During the visit, the women were interested to know more about incubation process in poultry.

They were taken on a tour and shown the livestock section, the galip buying and de-pulping areas and processing factory.

Following this, was a visit by the New Zealand High Commissioner to PNG His Excellency Philip Taula on 25 July. Mr Taula was accompanied by the Minister for Housing & Urban Development Justin Tkatchenko, Minister for Health and Gazelle MP Jelta Wong, and the Minister for Lands and Lae MP John Rosso.

The visit to Kerevat is part of Mr Taula’s four-day tour of East New Britain. After visiting the galip factory, Mr Tkatchenko noted that the galip industry should be supported because it is an indigenous crop with a promising product.

Both officials were impressed with the set up saying they have heard about it but seeing the factory was a bonus. Both the NZ High Commissioner and Mr Tkatchenko said there should be investment into such an industry and congratulated NARI on making progress in developing the galip nut.

They thanked the Kerevat team in organising the short tour.

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